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Nervous Drivers

Being a nervous driver should not stop you from enjoying the freedom driving gives you.  Do you avoid motorways? Dislike driving at night? Avoid peak times?

Being a nervous learner driver should not stop you from passing your test and becoming a good driver.

At Diverse Road Safety, we have highly qualified and understanding driver coaches who will guide you through your driving at a pace that suits you.

We understand that driving can be a daunting prospect for lots of people. 

Our specialist trainers will

  • be patient and understanding at all times
  • give you skills that will increase your confidence
  • take things at your own pace
  • clearly and calmly explain what you need to do and why
  • never shout at you
  • help you to learn from your mistakes – this is an important part of the learning process

We’ll help you understand everything you need to know about driving with confidence. 

Contact us on 0151 487 8826 or to discuss your specific needs, we will be able to find the ideal solution for you.


“You  really helped me to improve my confidence whilst learning to drive” HD

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