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Dr Tom Fawcett

Right Frame of Mind Ltd

Psychology Consultant

B. Ed (Hons) M.Ed, PhD, C Psychol

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Chartered Psychologist -British Psychological Society (BPS)

Member of the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive

Psychotherapies (BABSP)

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To Whom it May Concern:

Re Diverse Road Safety

Over the past 12 months Right frame of Mind Ltd has worked closely with Diverse Road Safety to provide driving confidence sessions to compliment programmes of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with clients suffering from residual Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Situational anxiety disorder and a need for confidence restoration when travelling in a vehicle.

The feedback from clients has been first class in terms of the professionalism and caring approach that Diverse Road Safety provides customers. There was meticulous attention applied to issues of health and safety that provided clients with security and confidence when engaging in sessions.

Diverse Road Safety was highly complimented on their caring approach, communication skills, professional attitude and post session feedback. On many occasions clients were surprised at how fast they recovered and returned to their previous driving behaviour. I have found that using the services of Diverse Road Safety the return to driving confidence was significantly quicker than when only CBT was applied alone. I have been extremely impressed with the way Diverse Road Safety operate and continue to use them on a professional level to compliment my own counselling work.

Tom Fawcett – PhD, C Psychol                                  

RFM Ltd –Director

Email received from Client - Lee Robertson

Hi Jo,

Just thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know where we are up to with Patsy. You took the time to come out and take my wife for a drive in about June / June 2012, Mossley Hill brain injuries unit put us in touch with you. My wife was recovering from a double subarachnoid haemorrhage and was getting very depressed with being stuck in the house since August 2011. Her G.P had failed to support her in getting her driving licence back as he said that it wasn't his responsibility and that he was about to retire and was not putting himself in that position. Her surgeon also sat on the fence. You took her out and said that she was really good and that in your opinion she was ok to drive with no restrictions. We started the ball rolling with DVLA, it took months of letters from them to Patsy's surgeon (he failed to respond). Eventually I blew my top and told Walton Neuro to pull their finger out or I would complain (hated having to do that, I owe them so much). Eventually in November 2012 DVLA had said they had received all the paperwork that was required from her surgeon. Now I know that he had sat on the fence regarding his opinion on Patsy's suitability to drive, DVLA told me so. However, what I did do was make sure that they included your driving report when it went to the medical council who make the decision.

At the beginning of February 2013 Patsy was given permission to drive with no restrictions. In my opinion it is almost certain that You and only You made the difference. Patsy has her freedom again, she is back behind the wheel of her beloved Mercedes SLK that has been sat on the driveway for nearly 2 years. It has made a huge difference to her modd and outlook on things.

Thankyou so much Jo, I am forever indebted to you

All my love

Lee Robertson x

Case Study

Edwina Alcock – Post Trauma Driver Training

18 months ago Edwina who has been a license holder for approximately  50 years was involved in a traumatic car collision on the M6 involving a lorry and a few other vehicles.  Although this was not Edwina’s fault she lost all confidence in driving on motorways and dealing with other road users.

Prior to the accident, Edwina who is nearly 69 years old and lives in Formby was a very independent individual who often drove up and down the country with the work she does helping others and visiting family and friends. Edwina was very much involved with helping in the community including individuals who suffer with Alzheimer’s, taking them on day trips and work with her local church.

Last year Edwina was referred to Diverse Road Safety CIC by her psychotherapist in order to rehabilitate her back into driving on motorways and give her back the independence and confidence she once had.

After 2 driver training sessions, Edwina’s confidence on motorways (especially the M6) improved and during session 2, we drove past the scene of Edwina’s accident.  Edwina also felt she had gained further knowledge and skills during this training and will be using these in her future driving.

Edwina quoted:

“This is just a brief note to thank you for your patience and kindness in taking me out for some driving sessions. You have no idea how much this has boosted my confidence when driving on motorways, hopefully it will not be too long before i am back to my normal high motorway mileage. Thank you for restoring the freedom to visit friends and family via the motorways that I enjoyed before my accident. 

My best wishes to you and your Company, you are giving a vital and brilliant service to many people like myself.”

Case study

Ian – at 56, Ian was a manager for a large crane company, when one day he had to cover for a crane driver who was off sick, even though he did not drive cranes regularly anymore, he still had more than 30 years experience.  They where building the Liverpool ONE shopping complex and deadlines where tight so – the show must go on!

The crane had not been secured correctly and it toppled, sending Ian crashing down some 100 feet.  He was left paralysed from the waist down and had a brain injury. Doctors told him he would never work again and would never have a normal life – driving was definitely not an option. 

Three years on from the accident, after having rehabilitative driver coaching in an adapted vehicle with Diverse Road Safety, Ian now has a drive from wheelchair vehicle and the freedom he so missed when he was recuperating. 

Case Study

Bob – my oldest learner driver (73).  Driving on a provisional for more than 50 years, Bob was always legal as his wife (a full licence holder) always accompanied him.  After his wife passed away, Bob found the illegality of his driving status (a provisional driver with no accompanying driver) untenable.  He decided that rather than give up driving he would put in for a test. With no formal training and 50 years of bad habits under his belt, Bob and I tackled his driving lessons with gusto.

He passed his test and resumed a more active lifestyle 18 months after his wife passed away.  12 months later he was diagnosed with lung cancer and has been able to attend hospital appointments without relying on the goodwill of others and not ‘putting anyone out’ as he put it.  His condition is terminal however he has more freedom to enjoy his life now – no matter how long he has left.

Case Study 8.8.12    George 241968v

Val Chisnall – Aintree NHS (Occupational Therapist)

Hi Jo, and Tina,

Thanks Jo for your report about George. Based on your feedback, and George’s medical records, I’ve written a letter explaining that his cognitive functioning has improved considerably and that you now recommend him as suitable to return to independent driving. I’ve sent a copy of my report to George, his GP and Dr Cullen, his Stroke Consultant.

I’ve recommended to George and his wife that he makes an appointment to ask his GP’s permission to return to independent driving. Dr Cullen, George’s stroke Consultant discharged him from her care at the Stroke Review Clinic in May 2012, 12 months after his stroke, (this is normal practice.) It’s therefore best to ask his GP to make the decision for DVLA.

When I looked back at George’s medical records it struck me as quite remarkable that he’s managed to get back to driving, as he had such severe cognitive problems, and return to driving was unthinkable for several months after his stroke. George’s story shows that with time, rehabilitation from healthcare professionals, and specialist assessment and retraining from your team, it can be a realistic goal for patients with significant, cognitive impairments to return to driving, safely. Without your input I would definitely have referred him to Wrightington for assessment.

Email received.

My father suffered a stroke in February 2014. Although fully recovered, he had lost a great deal of confidence in most aspects of his life. He had been told not to drive until the Stroke Centre had given the all clear. As an 81 year old man this news devastated him as he was the sole carer for my mother who suffers from dementia. The Occupational Therapist had suggested that my father’s driving be assessed and I was referred to Amada at diverse road safety. Due to my father’s lack of confidence he believed that there was no point in going through the assessment believing it to be another driving test which he  knew he would fail. I rang Amanda to explain the circumstances around the request for an assessment and she was both sympathetic and professional in her approach. She offered to speak with my father to explain the process and put his mind at ease. This she did and following the call , there was a renewed confidence in him towards his driving. The day before the assessment , my father became anxious and I let Amanda know. Without hesitation she contacted my father and put his mind at ease. According to my father the assessment was done in a very sensitive way and he was really appreciative of the manner with which Amada did her job, with humour care and respect for my dad’s age.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Amanda for the level of care she has shown my father whose confidence is growing by the day. She is a credit to Diverse Road safety I strongly recommend this company.

Thanks so much  



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